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Memphis Driving School


Our top priority is and forever will be everyone’s safety. Learning to drive a vehicle is not restricted to achieving a good control over the steering wheel, the brake, the clutch, the gear and all other aspects of driving. Safety is the prime factor in learning how to drive. The idea of safe driving embodies the safety of not only you and your vehicle but also the other drivers who use the roads. You can become natural simply when you adhere to all the safety regulations that are involved in driving a vehicle irregardless of whether you are driving down a lane, a highway or freeway. The first step in learning to drive a car better is to stay within all safety limits so that neither you nor anybody else is faced with any risk when you are driving.



Superior Instructors for best training

They can teach you every detail that is there to learn from the book and can provide you with extra hints which they have learned from experience but can not be found in any manual so that you achieve the proper driving skills. You can become a comprehensive driver in all respects when you learn to drive from our specialist instructors.from the book and can provide you with extra hints which they have learned from experience but cannot be found in any manual so that you achieve the proper driving skills.  You can become a complete driver in all respects when you learn to drive from our expert instructors. 








Instructor 2




Oil change                                    



Reliable vehicles for safety

Our squadron of cars is often maintained to preserve maximum driving forms for our students. Dependability of the vehicle for instruction is also important for safety. All the driving schools not only should provide expert instructors to teach you how to drive but should also provide the most reliable vehicles for teaching the skill.
The vehicles used for educating driving skills have to be safe so that the students do not have any problem in mastering how to drive. At Safety Bros the cars are often taken care of.





Superior courses for all

Our lectures are developed around safety and skill retention for all ages and learning types. Irregardless of the age or type of student, the requirement level varies from one person to another, and the lectures have to be tailored to meet everyone’s typical needs. A beginner who is trying to learn to drive a vehicle needs details starting from the ground level upwards to familiarize himself with the vehicle, the road conditions and the rules that have to be followed while driving. A person who is trying to get a driving license is already an expert on these things and needs to brush up his skills only. In defensive driving, students learn how to save lives, time, and money without thinking about how others drive or the type of conditions prevailing at that point.






Learner driver girl with intstructor taking lessons for us





Service we provide:

Defensive driving courses

Preparation for driving test

Refresher driving lessons

Lessons for new drivers

Individual Lessons

License testing


Our competitive pricing

We provide market specific competitive rates which is competitive to all kinds of students, no matter what their age or gender is. Often the courses provided by the various training schools are excellent in quality but are priced high. Many people avoid enrolling at these driving schools to save money. It makes them miss the possibility to get quality training in driving and increases the number of drivers on the roads who are not trained sufficiently. The threats and hazards to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians increase manifold due to the unawareness of the drivers about the proper road rules and the parts of safe driving.




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