Refresher driving lessons

The driving lessons we offer take care of the following:
• Rectification of bad driving habits.
• How to share the tram lanes while driving.
• Reduction of nervous fear while changing lanes and improvement of parking activity.
• Better usage of slip-lanes and taking complicated right turns.
• Updating local road rules and defensive driving knowledge.
• Overseas and interstate driving skills, getting familiar with roads in your city.
• Lessons suitable for your specific requirements such as driving your car through the city, taking hook turns and others.
Our accredited and professional driving instructors are experts on difficult driving conditions such as driving on highways and freeways, taking hook turns, changing lanes on busy roads, merging, parking between two parked cars, sharing the tram lines and others.

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Some of the things that you can learn from our driving lessons are:
• Lane changing
Get rid of the fear of changing lanes from our practical lessons.

• Zip merging
The vehicle ahead on the left or right side has right of way even if markings do not divide the lanes.
A particular type of lane marking has to be followed by a driver when crossing lanes to enter another. These markings are usually present on the freeways or in rural highways. You have to learn to adjust your speed to merge safely into the gap.

• Familiarity with road signs
Become familiar with the different overhead and roadside signs regarding directions, speed limits, changing lanes, merging and moving into traffic in the opposite direction. This is especially important as the traffic on some of the lanes coming from the city is changed in the opposite direction for going towards the city during the morning. This is opposite after office hours.
You have to learn how to use lanes for turning and overtaking, using lanes for transit, for bikes and buses with the help of our intensive courses.

road signs
• Black spots in traffic
Safety hazards occur at black spots with little all-round visibility. Learn how to approach level crossings, turning safely from our expert instructors.
• Basic maintenance of cars

Learning the basic maintenance of your vehicle will help you in times of emergency. You can learn to check the levels of coolant, engine oil, windscreen washing fluid, tire pressure, fuel, fuse status, battery condition, and many more things.

Oil change


• Freeway driving lessons
Do not risk learning through mistakes. Learn to drive safely on the freeway. Crashing at a speed of 65 miles/hour is similar to a drop from a 12 storey building.   Drive at >50 miles/hr in the left lane, learn to enter or exit freeways, how to merge, how to change lanes, how to interpret road signs, and so on.



Cities we service:

Memphis, knoxville, Nashville

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