Driving Test Tips

The driver’s exam can be a bit frightening at first, especially to those who are new, but if you stay calm, you are bound to pass one way or another.
Being a good driver takes a lot of practice and experience driving and not just basics.  The teacher must provide you with realistic situations applicable to where you live so that you will know the dos and don’t s in any sticky traffic situation. It also includes written material that you should be aware of before getting in the driver’s seat.
Some drivers just tend to forget written material when they passed that part of the test, but it is important to remember these signs to avoid accidents.

Here are a few driving test tips:

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1. Observe as a passenger. If you are not in the driver’s seat, always try to observe the driver as he or she operates the wheel and step on the gas at the right moment.

2. Get used to the different roads, intersections and areas of your locality. Don’t just stick to one route – it’s good to know various shortcuts so that when traffic ensues on the main road, you can take a little detour through a town that many commuters might not know of.

3. Most drivers in the real world tend to forget to signal when making a turn, so always pay attention to this to avoid causing other motorists to rage. Never forget the seatbelt as well. Also, keep in mind to be extra careful when getting out of the parking lot to avoid hitting someone or another car. These small things can help you pass the exam.

4. Intersections are very tough parts of the exam and real life driving, so you have to time your entry expertly and pay extra alert attention.

5. Always memorize the gear stick’s moves and don’t keep your attention to it – keep your eyes on where you are driving to. Part of a driver’s responsibility is to remain focused on the road. It’s just like typing on a keyboard without looking.


6. Always keep your safe distance when it comes to road obstructions or other vehicles in traffic. Reduce speed when necessary, especially for smaller roads or tighter spots to avoid accidentally bumping into unnecessary objects or vehicles. Always check if there are pedestrians about to cross the street and always stay extra alert!
7. Do a gradual reverse when on a very busy road? It’s not like the road is going to stop for you – move a little at your pace but do not wait forever for a perfect opportunity, especially in super highways. If you have someone in your back seat, you can ask them to look both left and right ways to check if there are vehicles approaching or if not, you can always just use your mirror to check. Make sure your maneuver does not interrupt traffic on the road.


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Don’t worry about making just one single mistake – you can always correct it in other areas, so it is important to keep calm. In the real world, a driver must give way to others. Most vehicular accidents are caused by a driver’s impatience to get to their destination and get away from heavy traffic. Start by passing the exam and practicing a relaxed and calm approach to driving.
There are a couple of online driving tips and guides out there to help you pass the exam smoothly, both on written and actual driving. You should have high-quality study material to help you out – and one of them is Online Student Driver courses.

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